Education, Training, and Debt Funding - Focus on Innovation and Impact



  • Program: A 3-month program for MSME's based in India. In this program companies will identify and start implementing 3 innovations - an incremental innovation, a digital innovation and an impact innovation. Impact here refers to focus on Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) aspects.

  • Criteria: Companies with sales between ₹20 crores - ₹250 crores ($3 million - $35  million in sales). No sales criteria for NGO's and businesses led by women entrepreneurs. 

  • Practical team training: Focus would be on implementation along with the owners, management teams, and key employees. No lecture sessions.

  • Hansa Execution Framework: Hansa has developed  a simple and effective execution framework ideal for MSME's. This is built on LEAN principles and forms the core methodology.

  • Digital Platform: Program is facilitated using a digital platform - online meetings, online project management, task specific communication, document management, and dashboards.

  • Debt funding: Debt to be provided to support the implementation of specific innovations, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Preparing for equity funding: Focus on growth, innovation, and good governance will enable companies access equity in the future to support growth.

Please see the Q&A section below for more details.


Cost reduction: Significant potential for cost reductions through operational improvements (incremental innovations).

Sales increase: Potential for sales increase due to increased new services and products and increased customer focus.

Working capital reduction: Working capital reduction due to new ways of financing, better credit processes, and improved control.

Organization development: Opportunity for employees to learn and implement new skills like LEAN. Opportunity to learn about innovation as a process. 

Attracting talent: Focus on innovation will help companies in attracting the best talent and also help in reducing attrition.

Improved communication: Inter-departmental communication will be improved due to the cross-functional nature of innovation.

Positively viewed by banks: Pursuit of innovation will be viewed positively by existing banks.

Attract external equity: Accelerator program will help the company prepare for using external equity to fund growth.


Week 1 - Week 2: Identifying innovations and innovation bottlenecks

  • Review of ambition, organization, financials, customers, market trends, operations, technology​

  • 2 workshops (Online/offline)

  • Gathering ideas from the team - bottom-up

  • Pros and cons of various ideas & historical results

  • Preparing the detailed implementation plan with milestones

Week 3 - Week 12: Implementing 3 innovations

  • Incremental Innovation & Impact Innovation - Initial workshops to understand the existing process/product, identify changes and systematically implementing them as a team - Hansa Execution Framework built on LEAN principles is used here.

  • Digital innovation - Hansa Execution Framework built on principles of LEAN to be used. Focus initially on validating customer needs in a fact based manner - iterative approach.


Q. Who is eligible for the program?

A. MSMEs in India with sales between ₹20 crores to ₹250 crores ($3 million - $35 million).

For NGO's, women entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs with limited financial sources, sales will not be a criteria. 

Q. What is the program format?

A. It will be a mix of online and physical workshops and meetings. Due to the current Corona situation, we will mostly have online workshops.  

Q. Is funding part of the program?

A. Funding is not a given in the program. If the company wants to pursue the innovation with its own funds, they are free to doing that. Else Hansa, will support the initiatives on a case-by-case basis through debt.

Q. What is the cost of the program?

A. It will be a paid program. Please fill in the Application for details on the cost. 

Q. Who will participate in the program from the company?

A. A core team consisting of CEO, Head of Operations, Sales, HR, Finance, R&D will be part of the program. Please note: This program is not for individual owners or CEOs.

Q. Who will participate in the program from Hansa?

A. The Hansa partners will be involved in the program. Sector / Technology experts will be involved on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Why join the program?

A. If you would like to pursue growth and innovation in a result based manner and by investing minimum capital and time, you should join the program.

Q. Are financial results guaranteed in the program?

A. We will pursue 3 different initiatives - an incremental innovation, a digital innovation and an impact innovation.

Financial results in the incremental innovation are highly likely in the form of lower costs or higher sales.

Financial results from a digital innovation will take longer duration. A key principle while pursuing them would be 'fail fast fail cheap' - this will ensure that the ideas get tested quickly before spending too much capital.