A collaborative approach to growth: Strategy + Capital + Execution + Impact



We understand the business from the owners and the management team and jointly develop a 3-4 year growth plan. The activities involved in developing a growth plan are:

  • Market: Size, trends, positioning​, value chain, competition

  • Company: Products/services, customers, go-to-market, team, operations, financials (P&L, Cashflow, Balance sheet)

  • Business Plan: 3-4 year business plan, funding needs

  • Impact: Identifying which of the seventeen SDG's the company addresses. Setting targets to improve over a 3-4 year period

  • Transaction (Capital): We create a clear transaction structure to help secure the necessary capital. Key elements of a transaction are:

  • Valuation and stake Sources and Uses of funds, ROI case for investors

  • Risks involved in the transaction


Equity plan (Strategy + Transaction) is discussed with our investor network and the interested investors make the investment. We ensure that the investment structure is tax efficient. All the necessary legal documentation - Share Purchase Agreement, Share Holders Agreements are supported by competent law firms.


Post transaction, we work at implementing the growth plan. Hansa is typically on the Board of the company representing the investors with a focus on the following tasks:

  • Setup: Set up of the right board routines and reporting templates

  • Reporting: Monthly reviews with a focus on strategy implementation and impact monitoring

  • Organization: Support in setting up the right organization required for growth

  • Other support: Bank discussions, M&A support, annual strategy workshop

  • Exit (Value Creation): On completion of the 3-4 year growth plan we give an exit to the investors by bringing in a strategic investor, or new growth investor or through a public offer