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Hansa Equity Partners was founded with the objective of building equity value in private businesses and promoting sustainability in India.

​We focus on companies (SME's) with sales between ₹20 crore - ₹200 crore ($3 million to $30 million) in the following focus areas:

Resource Efficiency: Energy, Agriculture, Water, Food Processing

Decent Living: Job creating SME's in Manufacturing and Services

We choose companies with a high potential to scale up but face constraints in their current organization set-up, capital structure, and operations.

We partner with these companies to provide strategy, capital, and execution of the growth plan.

We invest ₹15 crore - ₹100 crore ($2 million to $15 million) as equity in companies.

We base our approach keeping in mind the frameworks outlined in the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals


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